Sewing for Sanity: A madness quilt

Although the correct sewing term for a project like this would be a sample quilt, Sander has dubbed it the madness quilt using because of the use of the crazy quilt technique. I call it my fun quilt.
Quilting is a lot of fun, but some projects can be very repetitive, making a block and then repeating it 23  times. Wasn't going to happen here. Trying out new techniques and making all the 24 blocks unique while using piles from my fabric stash.
It all started with these owls, I loved the flannel fabric and made up this quilt as a way to use them, flannels are used in many of the other blocks and the back of the blocks, making this an ideal quilt for the couch in Winter, or a play rug for the kids. So soft and cuddly.
Faeries on Sophie's request
 Applique with blanket stitch
 Crazy blocks, using the project scraps to make the blocks come together as a whole.
Even the back is fun to look at, having used many different fabrics for the backing blocks.
Putting the binding on, using the slip-stitch technique for the professional finish, that is 7 meters of hand stitching, very therapeutical...

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