XMas creativity

It's that crazy time of the year, when agenda's overflow with parties, the sun is starting to throw power tantrums, the thunderstorm season is coming to end and the wet (weed) season begins. And does this tire you out, for sure, but why go to bed when the sun is still out? No huddling inside around the wood fire in this part of the world, we're outside most of the time and so is most of our XMas decoration.
A Xmas banter, started last year, finished at last...
 Our humble but very eclectic XMas tree, most of the decorations are handmade, heirlooms, souvenirs or gifts from friends.
Tim will be starting school in February, although we're are not religious, the best fit for Tim turned out to be a Catholic school. We better start to teach him some of the basics... Step one, a nativity set.
Some XMas sewing, at last I found a pattern for a table runner suitable for the square table inside. I'm about to start on some very simple table cloths and napkins for our outside table to spruce up our XMas lunch and dinner.
 Bringing outside in with a couple of decorated gumtree branches.
 Making XMas cards with stamps cut out of (homegrown!) potato, then dipped in paint.
If you happen to receive a card this year, you're warned it will be messy and you'll end up with glitters everywhere,
but it will have been made with love....

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