Sophie's 3th birthday

 Sophie hasn't been interested in dolls so far, but with my belly growing her "motherly" instincts are starting to kick in. This baby doll send by uncle and auntie Jeroen&Nienke has been just the thing, the stroller was our present.
There were heaps of presents send over, the markers and craft materials have been a great hit.
A relaxing morning, a trip to playgroup armed with cupcakes then getting the car packed for a long weekend of camping with friends.
No birthday cake this year, Sophie wanted more cupcakes probably hoping to do a bit more decorating. We ended up making a big cupcake tower with candles for her after BBQ pizza, our friends have that one down to a pat.
With temperatures soaring in the end thirties in Grafton, the cool sea breeze at the beach was just heavenly.
The rock pools were good for hours of entertainment
The beautiful surrounding are just the best motivation to do a little yoga

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