I'm not very good with presents, what do you give someone that has everything they need? Kids that's easy, the whole wrapping paper, bow and balloons is enough excitement alone. And if in doubt, books are always a good choice I've found.

It was my parents 35th wedding anniversary 2 months ago. We haven't really celebrated it, we'll do that next month when we all come together in Thailand. We are very much looking forward to it all, it has been 2 years since I've seen my sisters, my parents a year. 
I mis them, Skype is great and we talk often. I wanted to give my parents something special, I made them this quilt. The design is my own, my mom often signs her name with a daisy, if I think of my dad I think of sunflowers (standing tall and looking at the sunny side?). It was my first appliqué project, but I'm very happy how it turned out. The butterflies represent my three sisters and I, two little ones for the grandkids. And it's finally in the mail!!!

And then it was my friends 50th anniversary, there we go again with the present dilemma.
I came up with a voucher for a weekend treatment pack, with instructions to give me min. 24hours notice for delivery. She loved the idea. Delivery was last Friday. Fresh bread, granola, yoghurt, cream cheese, jam, marmalade, choc-chip cookies, quince paste, candle, eggs, flowers and tomatoes.
A matter of assembly, since it was all sitting in either pantry, fridge or garden.
At least it's something personal, I think I'm on to something here... To bad though, delivery to The Netherlands is not really an option...


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