Lemon couscous

A couple of months ago I preserved a batch of lemons after my other neighbour told me she loved them. It felt like the least I could do after her husband spend the afternoon slashing our paddock!
I've opened a jar three week ago, chopped some up stirred through couscous, I'm with her, fantastic!
Preserving lemons is very easy, doesn't need cooking, just some slicing, juicing, oil and salt. Store for at least a month for the skin to become tender. One off my recipe books recommends putting the lemons slices in the freezer overnight, this will help to make them softer sooner. (preserved lemons recipe link).

The lemon couscous is becoming a family favourite, it takes less then 15min. to put together. If you're not a fan of haloumi, or want to serve it as a side, feta and/or pine nuts work too.

Lemon couscous:
250 gram of dry couscous
325 gram of boiling water
a pinch of salt
a glug of olive oil and/or chilli oil
a block of haloumi, diced
a hand of dates and/or currants
a scatter of chopped mint leaves
red capsicum, diced
3 slices of preserved lemon, diced

In a bowl, pour in couscous, oil, salt, preserved lemon, dried fruit. Boil water, and heat up frying pan. Pour the boiling water over the couscous, cover with a plate.
In the frying pan fry in some oil the capsicum, once soft move to the outer side of the pan, in the middle fry up the haloumi. Fluff up the couscous with a fork, stir through the haloumi, capsicum and mint leaves.

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