Chilli oil

 I'm growing quite a lot of chilli's in the garden and use them a lot with cooking. The ones above are perfect, spicy but mild enough to use. The habanero tended to be a bit too spicy, it would ruin the dish for the kids, chilli oil turned out to be the answer. I wasn't sure if it would get used a lot so I made a small batch. Turns out to be the perfect quick fix for pasta sauce, couscous, salads, stir-fries,..
Don't you hate rubbing your eyes only then to remember you've cut a chill a couple of hours before, ouch...

Chilli oil is quick and easy to make, chop some, heat them slowly in olive oil, strain and store.
For a better instructions: I used this recipe (link) with the optional paprika powder for a beautiful red colour.

At one of the local op-shops I found two of these little beauties at 50 cents each. But a jar or empty bottle does the same.

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