Post #300!

This is my 300th post on this blog.

We started this blog 6 years ago, we were in the end-stage of planning our move to Australia and thought it might be a nice way to let friends and family back home to keep track on us, if they liked.
It became our (unplanned) immigration diary, with our last-minute wedding, our 2 week honeymoon in South East Asia which in turn became a 3month backpacking adventure because of paperwork delays. The finding our feet in Sarina QLD, how and where we lived, our first kangaroos, the wildlife and national parks and decision we were going to stay. Around the same time I changed from writing in Dutch to English and turned it into a baby blog when I fell pregnant with Tim. The first grandchild on both sides of our family and we were living on the other side of the world, the least we could do was post pictures! Heaps of pictures from holidays and day trips, journalism from the trenches while we’re in flood or had another cyclone heading our way. There was another baby, Sander becoming a Australian registered GP and our party when we became permanent residents. The year of locum work for the NSW Rural Doctors Network that got us send to a new town in rural NSW every couple of weeks. And our coming home in Grafton where we found the work and house of our dreams.
In the last year this blog began to change from a diary to a blog on finding our feet with sustainable living. Ever since page views have heavily increased to 2000 a month with visitors from all over the world. I’m very happy to share my thoughts on a way of life that keeps giving us so much happiness.
I hope you’ll hang around for the next 300 posts.
Love, Marijke

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