The supermarket blues

I love going to farmers markets, it’s an outing. I know most farmers by name and have been invited to come and have a look at their farm. There is always time for a chat, something to snack on for the kids and advise what and how to grow in my own garden.
I also happily buy meat at the local butcher or my flours/spices/seeds at the local health food store. But the supermarket, that’s something that leaves me feeling drained of energy. I hate going there. But I still go every week. Why???
This week I went three times, the second time was a different supermarket because the first didn’t have the rice and flour I needed. The third time was because I forgot something crucial (the rice), it's starting to feel like a bad and draining habit popping in for every stupid little thing.

I came across a post from one of my favourite bloggers: Inner Pickle. She was challenged to go without buying for as long as she could, she has set herself a 30day target. Although her challenge was not to buy anything at all, it has made me think.
I can easily go for a month without any trips to the supermarket. Milk has always be my biggest bottle neck. But for a while I’ve been buying my organic milk from Aldi, it stays good for about 6 weeks and is great for making yoghurt or cheeses when I find the time. My pantry is bulging healthy and I bake and cook from scratch anyway. I only go to the health food store once every 2 months, how much I love them, they’re still in that big ugly shopping mall.
We don’t go through a lot of meat, once a month would probably be sufficient now we have a small freezer, but I would miss the chat. I’ll combine it with my weekly visit to the farmers markets.

Next stocking-up trip: 5 May 2012.

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