We went camping the weekend at Woody Heads, a fantastic camping ground.
After a crazy week of Sander flying back, changing the cars over (3,5 weeks it took them to repair the car after the roo incident), a new fridge arriving, a planting week in the garden (sticking with the moon calendar) and then packing for the camping trip. (I only forgot to bring the pegs, thankfully the friends that we met up with were more organised). We put up the tent, the kids founds numerous friends and we sat down.
And you know what happened?        We relaxed,
at last....

We got too lazy to use the camera. There were hugs, enormous goanna’s, a carpet snake, a cheeky possum, a damper in the fire, a cook-up breakfast on the beach, dolphins in the sea, Tim trying out snorkelling (a natural), kids playing for hours in rock pools and waves, beautiful sunsets and lots of laughter. We had a ball. I couldn’t have thought of a more suitable way to celebrate Earth Hour.
Our friends will be there until Saturday, we’ll go back to see them tomorrow just for the day.

We’ll be having two weeks of school holidays after Easter, no running around, maybe even a bit more relaxing. I’m looking forward to it.

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