Vanilla & Lime

Vanilla is expensive but oh so nice, most of the time the key flavour in baking.
I bought some vanilla beans at the markets a couple of months ago, along came the advice to store them with sugar in a jar. Just shake the jar every now and then, the scent of the vanilla will perfume the sugar. When baking use the sugar out of the jar and the just top up the jar again for next use.
As long as you don’t cut the beans open you should be able to keep doing this for a long time to come. Refined white sugar would probably work better then the raw cane sugar I use, (it brings a scent of its own which takes a while to be taken over).

While typing this another thing comes to mind, lime infused honey.
In a jar, pour in honey then add finely grated lime rind and a little lime juice. Stir and use.
Although is does work very nicely with lemon as well, use the lime if you can.

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