A wet XMas

Just a simple XMas this year, presents under the tree and time together to play.

Christmas Day was a very wet day, with thunderstorms and very heavy rain. The gutters could not cope with all the water. And well, the rainwater tank has been overflowing non stop for the last couple of weeks. But then in between showers the sun would come out and light up the world, making the wet leaves on the trees sparkle like christmas lights.
Boxing Day was gorgeous we spent most time out in the garden stomping in puddles and getting a mud pack treatment.

Breakfast the Dutch way with a kerststol, unknown here but then this recipe is much better then any store bought I’ve ever had.

So many new books to read.

A monster fruit salad

XMas lunch, the Aussie way: A ham on the bone from the butcher, (which will keep us in ham for the next month) and prawns.

The Aussies sure have their priorities set right. A public holiday in the weekend? It just gets compensated on the following weekday. How we love those long weekends...

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  1. A very cool fruit salad. Your mom sent me the link to your blog after I saw her at the annual Fischer new years day get together. Very fun to read.
    Groeten van Maarten


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