Cocky and Cheeky

A white cockatoo just saying hello on a sunny Sunday morning.

Cheeky is a regular, he comes by ones or twice a day just to say hello. Sits in the windowsill while I’m making dinner and just chats along. If I'm dashing out in to the garden or to get the washing in he just follows me and keeps me company. After 10min. he is on his way again. I don’t want to make him to tame, but I can come to 50cm to him easily.
I’m against feeding wildlife for a lot of reasons, I make a small exemption for the parrots and lorrekeets and give them seeds they have to shell for themselves. And then only a handful on Saturday morning. With all the native trees with flowers and seeds we see them around a lot anyway. I’ll try to make a better picture of him on his next visit.

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