After a quick and unplanned trip to The Netherlands we are home again.
My Grandfather, Cas Fischer, died at the age of 100. I flew back with Tim for the funeral and spend some time with mine and Sanders parents. They loved the unexpected time together with Tim.
It was a long flight, but was very well behaved. He had a very good time flirting with everybody and slept for hours and hours in my arms. Sander stayed up here.

It is still rain season up here and we have had lots and lots of rain. The floods are north of Mackay, from there the highway is still closed.
The bush fires are in the south of Australia, about 2500km from here.

The new house is great, there is still a lot of unpacking to do, but we are getting there. The garden starts to look like a jungle with all the rain we had. I couldn't believe my eyes when I came back. The pumpkin grew 8 meters and a pawpaw (=papaya) seedling of 8cm is now a 2.5m tree!

Tim is doing great, he stands up without support and is taking his first steps. Only one more week and he can blow out his first candle!

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