Have a joyful 2009!

XMas was the most relaxing we ever had, the weather was great and the pool was nice and cool. The picture above was made XMas morning.

We celebrated New Year quietly, fireworks are not permitted up here which is a safe idea in the mids of Summer.
Hanneke & Hedzer are coming in a couple of months so we've been practising our Kolonisten skills...

I'm back in the saddle, riding with a friend of mine and her daughter. They have a big cattle property just outside Sarina where we can ride in the paddocks. The Palomino horse you see in the picture, Holiday, is the horse I've been working on for the last couple of months, he is young and a thorough bred (volbloed), let's say it's a very dynamic horse... Sander has been riding the paint horse in the front, she a bit more sensible.

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  1. Kreeg vandaag je kaart binnen.
    Super leuke foto's! Thanks!

    Gelukkig nieuwjaar mates! ;)


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