Townsville - exams part 2

Sander sat the second and last part of the Australian GP Exam.
This exam is necesary to be recognized as a GP in Australia when you want to work in Australia permanently. Until now Sander has to apply for a new Medical Registration every year, and work under supervision and certain rural areas of Australia. Once he is recognized a lot of thing will be a lot easier. But most import of all, we can apply for permanent residency.
The average that a foreign trained doctor has to sit this exam before they pass is about 6 times. This was the first time for Sander. So we'll see... We get the results back in December, until then, fingers crossed!

For the last 8 months, Sander has devoted his waking time between working, studying and the remaining time with me and Tim. It has been pretty tough on him. The last part of the exam was in Townsville, we made a nice long weekend of it. Only if it's just for two months, we enjoy the extra time together very much.

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