8 months

Tim is standing and then moving around holding on to something for balance, he is getting very good at it. Even better, he also knows how so sit back down again.
He is sitting up by himself, but gets bored with it very quickely unless you give him a wooden spoon and some pots and pans to bang.
He races from room to room and is trying everything out.
You see the picture below where he stands up for the first time by himself?
He can climb those stairs now...

8 months, 9.5kg and 74cm. First tooth came through last week. Started clapping and waving (to just about everybody and everything). We started with baby sign language.

He is eating like a bulldozer, we're getting a tired arm of spooning everything in, so we let him do it himself. Finger food works perfect, just big chunks of soft food (avocado, banana, pumpkin, pear, bread,...) and he will feed himself. He only want to drink out of cups, and does a very good job with it. Water (will come in handy with this hot weather) but also smoothies and fortified soups. And if all of that isn't enough we're still going strong with the breast milk.

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