Sander and a mate of him went on a photo/camping trip. Not only very cold up high up there in the mountains also very wet...
Tim got a hold of Minoes (the cat) or was it the beetroot?

Café latte on the veranda every morning while looking at a documentary: walibi's in the wild.

Rock hopping and wading through a creek (no crocs in sight) for a bunch of coloured rocks at Louisa Creek. And like real Aussies: lunch at the beach with Fish&Chips.

No piccies of the Food&Wine Festival in the Botanical Gardens in Mackay, just good memories.
With all those weekends interrupted by work and study we try to make the best of it with short trips.

Next weekend we go flying again. No 30+ hour trips this time. Just the 1000km to Brizzie for a pre-exam course and a bit of shopping.

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