Books and laughter

It's going to be tough for our Little Tall Dutchman. He will not only have to learn English, he'll also have to learn Dutch. And with a oma who works as a teacher Dutch, it better be good!
(no wonder I don't dare to write in Dutch anymore...).
The only way to develop language is to hear it... a lot. So let's start at the beginning: reading out loud (voorlezen).
Sander has his father-son moment in the morning while they read some books together.
The rest of the day, he is stuck with me. We sing songs together, well... I sing, he laughs. And then he can listen in in all the secrets and chatter with my friends by pretending he's a baby.
With all the funny and charming stories we read to him (we pretend we do it all for him, but those books are fun!), he will be just fine.
There is one obstacle... That horrible accent of ours! He'll learn to speak English with the same Dutch accent as we have. We hope that we found the perfect way around that, audio books.
The most wonderful stories told by their writers. Like this wonderful Australian writer for children, Mem Fox. What a storyteller! And then the books of Roald Dahl, told by Mister Dahl himself. It really makes the long dragging car trips a lot shorter!

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