Alex’s 6th Birthday

Alex turned 6, our adventure kid had his mind set on a kayak.
Pooling together all his birthday money, he had one waiting by the side of the dam for a birthday morning paddle. Then spend just about all day paddling around!
 A pretty day by the water.
With the other kids getting a turn,
or a ride!

But was able to be tempted out of the water for birthday cake...
The weekend after, we had his birthday party, we ended up with about 30 kids!
We set out treasure hunt/orienteering track with 15 clues and activities.
Divided up in 4 teams, they had to traverse, climb, jump and dive through the climbing hall, tree house, pool, “lion cage”, slack-line, helping each other out over fallen trees and having to paddle out to the tree in the water finding tokens. They all had great fun. 
More cake, although a little droopy by the 36 degree day, was a treasure packed castle defended by a dragon.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Alex! and a kayak, the perfect gift for him


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