November, handy man at work

How we love the view over the dam...
Many times we had talked about needing liking permanent seating here,
especially with the orchard coming along right next to it.
So for our shared birthday we bought a second hand picnic table.
A bit run down, but easily weighing 400 kilograms!
Tim and Sander took it apart, in order to transport it home.
Making a slab with mostly leftover building materials,
left Sander with a crash course tiling.
We were in doubt if we would sand it all down, until Sander tried a little bit. 
This beautiful blood wood underneath was all the encouragement needed! 
A couple more weeks of sanding and varnishing and it should be ready for many more years of love.
Adventure School Camp for Tim.
Perfect weather for the pool.
David is very proud he can now not only dive up things from the bottom, but also do front flips in the water.
Smashing my gardening goals in the veggie garden.
So dense and green!
School Captain speeches for Tim, gearing up for Year 6 soon!
Although disappointed, he was pretty happy to see that his two best mates did get the job.
Not to simmer in his disappointment, he has already taking up with the school principal about all the improvements he would still like to come to fruition at school.
Soccer AGM done for another year. So relieved that many more parents put their hands up for roles for the upcoming season, only registrations for me, with help!!! It will keep it fun and doable, last year was way too stressful, running on a bare bones committee.

With Tim and Alex both doing athletics this Summer, I’ve already let myself being roped in to coaching the U6 & U7’s. A great way to finish the week.
 Tim has gone electric.
Looking after our friends on crazy hot days. Chester was still busy shedding his winter coat, when we got hit with a 39 degree day. He perked right back up after a cool down with the hose and a snack.
The same goes for King Parrots...
 Pear blossoms!
Lots of cooking fun with the kids.
We’re back to lots of baking and making.
Aikido, for the oldest three.
A cooking workshop at the local Aboriginal Centre:
lesson 1: crocodile tacos.
Lesson 2: Native herb infused pizza bases topped with warrigal greens and more freshly picked herbs. David is very much enjoying our Monday lunches... 

Updating my labels and getting ready for Xmas orders
And a new point of sales: Farmer Lous, the local green grocer. The got me a whole shelf!
I’m pretty chuffed to be right next to the Vegemite...
 Getting ready for another Full Moon get together.
Waiting for the guests to arrive, while the pizza dough rises.
The pancake after party!

 More work on the cabin.
 The bathroom is ready
 We still have to put a finish on the inner walls
And some proper furniture.
I think a long bench would be perfect here (for sewing!)
 And extra couple of layers of oil on the outside and the colour has become a lot better.
Reminder to wear shoes when walking down to the cabin: bull ant bites are horrible!
Or “bully ants” as David call them, because they slow you down...
He needed to be carried, or go back to crawling because with his foot so swollen it was too painful to walk on it.
 Helllllo mangoes!
Boys hard at work putting in more trees into the orchard. This month we’ve added: 2 avocado trees, fig tree, brazilian cherry, coffee tree, panama berry, pomegranate and many more natives for the butterflies and bees.
Sophie turning 9.
Very happy with her dress, books, fairy wings and painting set.
Sandcastle birthday cake for her mermaid party.
For Sophie, everything is still fairies, rainbows, unicorns and everything else happy, beautiful and sparkling.
Birthday kisses from Laura.

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