May, in photo’s

Our annual photo shoot for Mothers Day.
The second shot had to do, already a week late. The battery ran out and there’s no way I can get them all lined up (and dressed!) again.
Harvesting the first batch of our wild pumpkins.
Which got me here...
Teamed up with a local nut grower, who keeps me in fresh pecans and macadamia’s.
My new Autumn granola: chockerblock with pumkin and maple roasted pecans.
For sale now, customers are raving about it.
 My cave man Tim, in charge of the fire.
Saturday morning soccer games, finding warmth wherever you can.
Tim’s team, such focus.
Alex, burning off some of that wild energy...
Help-coaching David’s Little Champion program.
It took me awhile to find my feet with it, but if there’s no-one else, you make the most of it.
Nowadays, I’m having heaps of fun and actually look forward to get all these kids having a very fun morning.
 My lone rider.
 Watermelon tastes so much better in a...
 Friday afternoon fun.
A pancake afterparty.
We still very much enjoy hosting our Full Moon gatherings.
Loving the hand-me-downs from friends.
 Little brothers rule!
Adding a piano to the madness. Sophie has been doing lessons for the last couple of months, but all of us are keen to learn, adults included. Tim still plays guitar, but gets a real kick of being able to play his practice songs on the piano too. David often plays me make-up songs to keep me company while cooking.
Even in death, this tree was very stubborn... Thankfully, Sander is too.
This will keep us warm for many more months, Winter is near.
Loving life.


  1. A wonderful round up! The Autumn granola looks amazing. Does the local nut grower sell any macadamia nuts locally?

    1. Thank you Karen.
      Don sometimes makes it to the farmers markets.
      If you like, I could pass some on to you, only kilo bags though...


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