Our Easter this year was kept simple, there was still much washing and packing away to do after a week of camping!

Our Easter Sunday ritual, is a walk through the forrest.
The kids know that the paths are magical this time of year, the path will be littered with little chocolate eggs and they often come falling out of the trees upon shaking them!
 But it does brings on some sugar induced meltdowns for easter bunnies...
 Easter breakfast.
On Easter Monday the older two asked if they could hide some of the eggs for the younger two.
They had great fun finding creative places to hide them.
 While the younger two loved the hunt!
With some little hints and help from the older two.
We did have a couple of good, cleansing Easter fires.
On Saturday, a big branch, the size of a small tree, had fallen on the fence. 
A massive crash, no-one got hurt, but I do now get why they call these trees widow-makers! 
The new fence held but needs a new wire at the top. The chainsaw came out and we now have even more fire wood!
An Easter breakfast with a little fire, a smooching horse and a rising sun.
The smaller branches of the fallen tree, the old front veranda and old fence posts burned away.
A second fire for morning tea.
All pruning waste from the garden and lots of branches littering the second paddock also gone.
Hard work, but very satisfying.

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