The dam project.

January ’17, dozer at work.

January ’17, dozer finished, the kids have a perfect BMX-track
Feb ’17, first bit of rain, a puddle!
February '17, another heatwave with a record 46 degrees, puddle gone.
March ’17, more rain, back to a good size puddle, we sow more grass seeds to strengthen the dam walls.
March ’17, a couple more rainy days, the crater is becoming full,
It’s still another 2 meters until the top of the spillways. From here on, the water will go outwards and backwards first, backfilling the gully before it can go up again.
March ’17, waterholes are filling and the gully starts to run.
The next morning, we wake up to this.
 80mm of rain falls overnight,
18th of March ’17, we have a dam at top capacity.
Both spillways in action as designed.
Rain keeps pounding, 110mm at lunchtime and not letting up, the erosion is starting to take it’s toll at this first spillway.
On the hunt for rocks in pouring down rain, trying to alter the flow outside. It holds.
More permanent enforcing on Sunday, rain keeps falling, more is predicted.


  1. It will be interesting to see how the dam manages all the rain - at least you may have today to consolidate any adjustments. :)

  2. Woo hoo, your dam will be full and overflowing with all this rain :-)


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