Thank you 2016!

2016, gone so quickly, what a year! 
A recap:
 New Years Day Party.
 Camping holiday in Woody Heads, taking Iluka-Yamba ferry.
 Spending hours on the beach
 Picking JalapeƱos to pickle
 Back to school/work
 Alex, turning 3 
 So many bananas growing in the garden!
 Tim, turning 8
 Camping holiday in Sawtell, looking at rivers intertwining from Urunga boardwalk.
 Sophie, our little ray of sunshine, being challenged with increasing epilepsy.
 Easter, with inspired focaccia 
Curry paste for the farmers markets 
Best friends 
 Playgroup, we’re going into our 6th year!
Launching two new granola flavours: Magnesium & Active 
Tim’s first year of soccer saw us cheering on the sidelines for many weekends 
David, member of the granola test team 
Moony getting a new friend: Laura
 New fences and gates! 
 David after being stung.
After a tough couple of weeks David needed an operation to clear it up.
 Quilt for my niece Vera
Kitchen crew 
 Alex, has been stung with the Lego bug
 Quilt for my nephew Casper
Picnic Party,
with the beautiful Fiona Boyes.
 Many tests for Sophie this year, nothing fazes this strong girl.
 Going for a picnic on Suzan Island
 Seeing my little sister Lisa win Henley.
These boys...
 10 year wedding anniversary 
 David turning 2, celebrated with a particular muddy July.
 Enjoying the evenings on the deck with our blanket warmer Tyson.
 Winter holidays, exploring our backyard and all its waterholes.
Seeing my little sister Lisa as a reserve at the Olympic Games in Rio.
 Book parade
 A flourishing Spring garden.
 Finishing the pool deck and rope fencing. 
 Camping with my parents at Brunswick Heads. 
 Just the two of us, enjoying each other and Emerald Beach. 
Jacaranda festival 
 Getting ready for the markets, baking many kilo’s of granola this year.
These Second Chance Jars were a great hit for presents, but more important, this year it enabled me to donate $1000 to the local womens shelter.
November storms saw our “puppy” bolting, swimming a large river and running for 15 kilometres.
Turning 75 (35+40) together 
Monkey Alex
 New oven!
 Sophie, turning 7
 Morning pleasures
 Playgroup outing to the fire station.
Making the most of another test for Sophie, a couple of days in South Bank.
Picnic by the river 
 Oma Evelien
 Boxing Day on the beach
The front deck needs replacing, David makes a head start.
Front veranda in process.
A festive finish of the year with sticky ribs, 
loving our local farmers!


  1. A beautiful round up of your years main happenings Marijke!

  2. A lovely pictorial review of your year. How's Sophie?


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