Baby quilt #4

Casper, the second baby for my sister-in-law, Nienke was born over the weekend.
Nienke asked for something small, for the bassinet, green, blue, fresh, not gender specific.

For me this was also the first quilt with my new sewing machine.
I’ve chosen an Irish chain pattern, which is fun to make and looks very effective.
It was also a great way utilising the scraps I had laying around. Can we say it has become my trademark?
The quilting is “stitch-in-the-ditch”, 
my new machine even has a special foot for it!
 The white looks so very fresh, combined with the green and blue, with a very subtle butterfly print.
 The border is a mix of widths, not wanting to get too serious.
It’s so nice to see all these old favourite fabrics back out to play!
 More butterflies on the backing, bringing out the rich chocolate colour of the binding.

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