This week...

This week...
Saw the kids going back to school and me back to business. We started slowly but steadily, next week is full again with swimming lessons, music, sports and who know what else. 
I’m hoping to make it through this term a bit better, settling in for a marathon instead of a sprint. 
While hoping that David’s last molars come through quickly so we’re back at full nights of sleep. Days get so very long when you start the day at 3am...

A night out at a friends place made us realise how much we love to be out and social and should really make more of an effort to do just that.
At last, I’m back in the kitchen garden. It might be slow, it might not be to the standards I would like it to see, but even a little bit is more then nothing. So this morning, I planted out some herbs, flowers and a minimal of veggies. Although is getting better, the chooks are escape artists and just love kids visiting them, all those veggie seedlings to plow, eat and uproot! We’ll see if the new door works before I get my heart broken again and see two garden beds with veggies destroyed. Although there is still plenty growing, I would love to see the garden thriving again.
In the meantime I’m enjoying all the natives shrubs that I’ve planted throughout the years and keep adding to. It always brings a smile to my face seeing all vibrant colours attracting even more in the form of birds, butterflies and bees. How I love to see bees. Inspired by a fellow blogger, I’ve started asking around if there is a local beekeeper interested in keeping a hive or two on our property. Because of the large diversity of native trees and shrubs in combination on with the kitchen garden, there is always plenty of flowers and blossoms around. 
 The kids (and birds) are anticipating the harvest of the mulberry tree.
 Lots of limes, I anticipate cake this afternoon...
The pool deck keeps progressing, it’s looking awesome!
A Winter heatwave gave us 28 degrees and 4 kids in the pool making the most of it.
Only a day later and we’re back to a wintery 18 degrees and an overnight wood fire.
Two finished baby quilts, I’m absolutely stoked with both of them. They’re on their way to The Netherlands to my sister and sister-in-law. I’ll do a seperate post with some photo’s of the fronts on here, once they arrive there.
While looking for a specific fabric online, I came across this one, Sophie just happened to look over my shoulder and was instantly in love. Frozen blue and unicorns, this one just had her name on it she said. If I could pretty please make a pillow case out of it. 
The funny thing is that a couple of weeks ago, Alex found some fabric with foxes in my stash and wanted the exact same thing: a pillow case. And maybe a quilt to match it, please???? (insert puppy eyes). So the curtains just have to wait another week or so... ;-)


  1. The deck is looking incredible. Well done Sandor! Can't believe the kids went swimming though!
    Beautiful quilts :-) you always inspire me to garden but I just never quite do it, actually I want to move our garden's location, bit job but ...one day.
    Don't personally know any beekeepers but can you find any through your Farmer's Markets? Or let Farmer L know you're after beekeepers he'd have contacts.

  2. Oh if the kids are interested I have a couple of brilliant books about bees in story form but so much information. Happy to lend.

    1. And you know what? Sophie went swimming again today! Brrrr!!!
      Once you get your kitchen finished, I’ve got a bunch of seeds your kids will be very happy to plant for you… ;-)

      I’ve put something on FB, through the local home growers page,
      turns out there a quite a couple of local beekeepers that might be interested.
      Since I use local honey for my granola, this could be a win-win-win!

      I would love to borrow your books, could you bring them along on Wednesday?


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