Susan Island

Every time I pass the bridge into Grafton, the beautiful view of the mighty Clarence River brings a smile to my face.
So peaceful, so pretty, always changing.

Smack in the middle of the river lays Susan Island. And although I rowed alongside it many times, we never set foot on it.
Every couple of months, national park rangers organise guided walks through the pocket of rain forrest. State Emergency Services (SES) volunteers into bringing everyone over by boat. Needless to say, we had a great time!
 And a perfect picnic spot.


  1. I would love to do this tour one day. Miss N spend many days working on this island recently.

    1. And such a good job she did, they’re really making such a difference.
      They were taking names to help today, I would love to do that with our eldest two in a couple more years.
      If you’re on Facebook, look at “My Clarence Valley” for upcoming events.

  2. I saw that was on, would have loved to have gone but we were away this weekend.
    So glad you went, did they give you a guided tour?

    1. Yes, one of the rangers introduced us to the history and stories of Susan Island,
      then another ranger took us through the rainforest walk with lots of information about all the plants
      and trees that grow. And the plans they’re working with for conservation and re-growth. Very interesting!

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