This week

Best friends, keeping each other warm on those cold mornings
After my post Static, from last week, the nights have finally changed for the better. What a difference that makes! Energy, with a sunny disposition. I’m also starting to catch up on my long list of jobs, my head has almost stopped buzzing. A tidied up house, sure helps with creating space in your head.
A small episode at school this week, is making me question if Sophie’s “daydreaming” is a part of her epilepsy.  Sophie has caught the reading bug and is often found amidst a pile of books, such a beautiful sight, reading is one of the biggest gifts of life.
The Grafton Truck Show, to the delight of the youngest two kids. A long throng of trucks, revving and hooting through the main street, what’s not to love?
Sander has started the next part of the deck, wanting to build on top of the pool, instead of the much easier, tucked under the pool sides. It needs some creativity, which he has plenty of!
A busy baking week, introducing my new chocolate granola at the markets. The feedback so far has been amazing!
I also managed to attend a meeting from our Valley’s Women in Business, a night out by myself! I met some lovely women, many who turned out to be customers! With some great local music, including blues legend Fiona Boyes, now that’s a meeting! I’m very much looking forward to the next one.
Winter time: King Parrots & Bananas

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  1. So pleased things are improving at your place. Yes, good sleep and improved health make a huge difference. I hope Sophie's health issues can be answered and managed for the best possible outcomes.


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