The Magic Forrest Quilt

With only a label needed to finish my other baby quilt, I’m moving onto my second baby quilt. 
Babies are both due in July!
On my sisters request, this will be another applique quilt. She wanted something for the babies crib, since she also runs a daycare centre from home. I offered to make it into something that she can hang on the wall for the kids to play with, once the baby grows out of the crib.
There will be a toadstool made with old and holey woollen jumper washed on 60 degrees, upon opening you’ll see a little gnome house inside (Dutch gnomes are very cute). And bushes, branches and stones for little creatures to hide behind. Like a fabric lift-the-flap book. A Magic Forrest quilt...
And some pockets for bunnies and teddies to rest after a day of playing. A project I find very challenging and a lot of fun to plan and design. The freedom of a blank calico canvas, being able to make it up as I go. I’ve got no idea how it’s going to turn out, I’ll keep you tuned!

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  1. The planning stage of a quilt has endless possibilities, a fun creative challenge. You have some interesting ideas in mind, I look forward to seeing how they come together.


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