Second Chances

My Summer Edition, the race is on to get all the labels and colours changed over before next week!
It’s been a flat-out baking week. Getting a bit ahead of myself, I did not just introduce one new product... No I did two!

My first project has been very satisfying to work on.
From next week, my Winter Edition Paleo will selling at the farmers markets.
With the mornings getting cooler I’ve worked towards a warming blend, on request I’m staying in line with my Summer Paleo and keeping it sugar free (no syrups or dried fruit either).
I love the versatility of it, this morning I had it with yoghurt and fresh local raspberries. While for lunch I sprinkled it over roast veggies, if only my pumpkins would hurry up! Once it starts to get really cold, I’ll use it to boost our simple cooked porridge. Although I’m very much looking forward to roast pumpkin, a fried egg and a sprinkle of granola. I think it makes a very powerful breakfast...

For those living local, I’ve got a guessing game going on www.facebook.com/AmongstGumTrees which warming spices are used. You can win a sample jar of the new Winter Granola.
Second Chance Jars
My second project makes me proud: Second Chance Jars.
The up-cycled pasta bottles have always been a favourite for my granolas, they make a nice present. But I never seem to find enough of them!
So starting next week we’re selling the granola in re-used, sterilised coffee jars or any other big jars I can find. Since I’ve been given so many of these jars by friends, neighbours and raiding the op-shops I wouldn’t feel right to charge anything for them. I’m a lousy business woman, I know...
I’m turning it around, the jars will be a dollar dearer then the biodegradable (brown) bags. But for every jar sold, I’m donating $2.50 to the local womens shelter.
A call out for any of these jars on local community boards have been positively overwhelming, lets hope it means this project can keep going for a long time to come.


  1. Oh wow, so chuffed that you're getting such a great response re coffee jars, but for a fantastic cause!

  2. You're a good person, Marijke. I hope you raise heaps for the women's shelter, x

    1. Aw, thank you Marion, for your kind words and thoughts. x


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