Sewing excitement!

My sewing machine wasn’t a very good one, but neither was I when it came to sewing. It was given to me by a friend that moved and it was still working (with regular repairs), why replace something that still works? But after the last repair, it was starting to get costly, all added up, close to replacing value. So I vouched no more repairs! Thats it!
Well, that was a 9 months ago and the second lot of curtains in the living room have been waiting for me, unfinished all that time. Let alone all those other bags of projects wanting to get finished/started.
I confess, I’m particularity bad at spending money on myself, it took me two years of toing and froing to finally buy a good mixer that could handle bread dough. And that’s a machine I use at least once a day! If amounts come over $250 I stress out, so many other things you can buy with that, or how effective it would be to in the mortgage account...

So I made a deal, with myself (my husband is happy to spend money on quality), my granola profits get set aside, for me to spend on myself, no need to feel guilty.
And so I finally bought a Thermomix, after 9 years of lusting after one.

I still have quite a bit of granola to sell, but with three sisters due this year (including my sister-in-law, my youngest sister is too busy training for the Olympics...), it became a good enough reason to fast track. Having done a lot of research and checking out recommendations, I did it, I bought a new sewing machine! With an arm so wide it’s like a dream, it will be a lot easier to get bulky quilts through. And all those functions, there is plenty of new challenges to master.
I’m back...


  1. This is so exciting! You have chosen a great machine, one which should be able to tackle nearly any job (and any size quilt :)) and be a pleasure to use. Like you I also struggle to spend money on myself, making it all the sweeter when it happens. Looking forward to seeing some sewing updates. Our local Spotlight store has lots of inspiring fabric, including some organic.

  2. Marijke,

    Fantastic! Looks terrific. Yes we do often spend money on ourselves last. Having a smile at Karen's comment, I was thinking of you Karen as I read Marijke's thoughts, I did think, "this sounds like Karen when she finally bought a new machine" :-)
    Enjoy Marijke xx


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