This week

 Making room for the fence around the swimming pool. 
Little brothers looking after each others ears.
 Tomatoes galore.
The pool fence and concrete got delivered, next step is digging 15 holes for the posts.
 Mulching the garden, we’ve got very fertile ground... 
 Years of building up soil is starting to pay of. A rambling garden of cucumbers, melons, tomatoes, capsicums and spinach.
The pear tree is finally starting to bear fruit.
Lots of rain
 The new “bathwater garden”. Bananas, blueberries, butterfly bushes, rhubarb, flowers. 
If it does we’ll, we keep adding berry bushes to it.
 Sophie’s 6th birthday, a couple of girlfriends, space to run and play and a castle to decorate, makes a very nice party.

New packaging for my granola business, I’ve gone brown: recycled paper with a bio foil. Fully compostable after use. Very exciting! I’m still tinkering with the design, impatiently waiting on a stamp and different size bags. Changing over to the new bags next week. The pressure is on...
 I’ve been looking for a dog that would suit our family for a while. I refuse to buy a puppy from a pet store or breeder. There are plenty other dog that need a home desperately. This morning we had a look at Tyson, a very gently soul that has been living in a shelter. Our kids that love animals but are very wary around dogs were petting him and walking him with a lead within minutes.
Little Miss “I’m scared of dogs”. 
To be continued...
Friday night picnic at the river

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