Almost there...

Reports are in, just a couple more days and the end of the school year is a fact. The eldest two are very ready for the long summer holidays. They can both do with a well earned break.
Alex, our little monkey, has found the perfect snipers nest. 
Yesterday morning, I found him in the roof again, with a water gun and a very cranky big brother...
After decorating the tree, making gingerbread cookies with the kids is the perfect way to get the whole house smelling like Christmas. 
Lately I’ve been only buying whole spices, then milling them myself as required. The taste and fragrance is just so much better. For these cookies I used: cinnamon, allspice and ginger. A magic combination that makes you pressing the button, turning on Christmas music.
The kids had so much fun making these, that we started to bring them along to parties so we could make even more.
 We might still make it in time for Christmas. The fence is starting to get real.
My new packaging has made it to the market after a monster week of granola baking, I’m very pleased with my stamp, just a little more tinkering with my other labels now.
And a box of mistakenly ordered jars (too small for what I wanted them for), have made it to the markets as a Christmas gift suggestion. They’ve done so well that I’ll be ordering a couple more boxes of these “wrong” jars.


  1. Love seeing your pool progress.
    Look at Alec the monkey, growing so fast.
    funny how a mistake can turn out great. Saw some small canning jars 6 for $7 at the Reject shop today, don't know if that's a good price

  2. Looks like things are going very well over at your place Marijke. Your gingerbread biscuits look wonderful. The children are busy baking here too. Your market goodies are beautifully presented.


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