It’s been quite the month, with me being all over the place. Lots of doctor appointments, rain, reading and watching kids and things grow.
Since I’m so over the place, so is this blog...
 Sophie, so much like her grandma Evelien.
Other then the volleyball tournament, we’ve missed most of the jacaranda festival this year. My resolution of photographing all those streets lined with jacarandas tree, we’ll try again next year... Here, have a photo of a agapanthus instead... ;-)

The grandparents have flown home again.
A tomato bush the kids haven’t discovered yet.
Watching mango’s grow.
Swimming Pool, under construction. Getting the frame up. Next step: sand.
Lots of it... And the frame, now it’s things hard on how we want to build the deck around it with a fence that would keep all our monkeys out. I’ve seen Alex vaulting a couple of regulated pool fences in a couple of seconds flat and he’s not even 3 yet...

Lots of sick kids too, and washing, huge piles of it.
An edible hedge, elderberry blossom.
Very exciting, a new garden bed! Diverting the bath water to feed a new forest of bananas. I’ve got a trip to make to the nursery for berry plants to accompany them.
 Cheeky, the King Parrot that often drops in for a friendly chat.
Making the most of a specialist appointment 300k’s away. A “girls only” trip. Shopping and lunch in Bangalow (with a friend at petting distance, see below), and an overnighter in Mount Tambourine.
While the boys... (do I want to know?)
 Love those water dragons, completely harmless and so funny.
And I’ve introduced a new granola last week. Paleo, The Summer Edition with the happy spices of Lemon Myrtle and Vanilla. But most interesting of all, no sugar (or syrups, honey, dried fruit)!
For myself and so many other people cutting back on sugars, it becomes difficult to find a good quality granola that supports that. I still like to add a bit of fresh fruit and you can still add a sweetener to your own taste. It’s quite a bold move, so far the feedback has been very positive!

My other two granola’s are still very popular, the question is, will anyone realise I’ve been cutting out the sugar (rapadura), cutting back on the syrups (maple syrup and honey) and cranberries? It does improves the taste even more...

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