Winter is... Strawberry Bandits

 Strawberries are coming into season, so are the Strawberry Bandits...
 “Did you ask for those?”  
 But he does share with his little brother...
The strawberries were on special. So instead of going in Mad Mother Mode, I’m cherishing their joy for fresh fruit and let them get away with it.
(While hiding the other three punnets for dessert and jam making)
It still amazes me: Winter, when it gets cool enough that we can grow strawberries...


  1. Such cute little bandits! I'm looking forward to getting home from vacation to see if my strawberries are ripe yet.

    1. We have a couple of plants in, but would need to plant a whole field to keep my four bandits happy!
      Enjoy your holidays, I hope you’re having a good time!


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