Rain gauge

Our rainwater gauge has been overflowing for the last couple of hours.
Just had a look on the BoM, no wonder... Rivers are still swelling and starting to flood. Roads are closed. And we’re in for another very wet day. 
Perfect weather to do some work inside. Just ripped out the last bit of carpet!


  1. Soccer called off today, so an unexpected Saturday morning at home:)
    Yay for the carpet ripping:):) Can you lay the bamboo in this weather? is it okay with the glue? is that even what you use?

    1. No glue needed, you put it on a soft thin underlay, then click the planks together.
      We’ve got the fire going to counterbalance the wet.
      Are your kids getting cabin fever yet? I just pushed some of ours outside for a “shower”...


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