Guerrilla Gardening: Let the bombs fall!

The 1st of May is International Sunflower Day, hosted by the Guerrilla Gardeners.
What a name, that’s taking activism to a whole new level!

Wikipedia on Guerrilla gardening 
The land that is guerrilla gardened is usually abandoned or perceived to be neglected by its legal owner. That land is used by guerrilla gardeners to raise plants, frequently focusing on food crops or plants intended for aesthetic purposes.
Some guerrilla gardeners carry out their actions at night, in relative secrecy, to sow and tend a new vegetable patch or flower garden in an effort to make the area of use and/or more attractive. Some garden at more visible hours for the purpose of publicity, which can be seen as a form of activism.

What a great idea! Ever since the school across the road from my parents house got pulled down, the site has been left abandoned, for years. A big neglected open space, not a pretty sight. But some neighbours have taken it upon themselves to grown some sunflowers to spruce it up. There are heaps of spaces like that. Places you pass every day, would you dare to throw in a seed bomb?

So how do you make a seed bomb?
Mix up some wet clay with compost and flower seeds. Roll them into balls, find a neglected site, take aim and bomb away. A bit of rain will take care of the rest.
Take note: It’s best to use flowers, native to your area, they grow best and won’t do any environmental damage. The birds and the bees will love you for it.

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  1. What a great idea!! I've been thinking about growing sunflowers, most inspiring:)


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