Blues, Brews & BBQ’s

Horse racing is quite a big thing in Grafton. As an illustration, there are two public holidays (afternoons) for the races (Grafton Cup and Ramornie Cup)! I can’t say that it’s my thing. Getting all tarted up to see some sweaty horses being whipped along. But there is a first for everything.
Saturday was the Yamba Cup, very casual so no need for dressing up and fancy hats. Very family friendly, just a picnic blanket to bring along. Our first time at the races!
It is very exciting to watch, I’m not a punter. But I might put in a $2 bet next time...
Listening to some very lovely blues bands, while lazing around on the grass. Kids running around, finding friends and a jumping castle. The beer testing (Brews), wasn’t for us, this time. Needing our clearest head to keep up with our kids! It was one of those lovely days where you’re reminded in what a lovely country town we live. Bumping into many familiar faces: lots of friends, school teachers, hairdresser, yoga teacher and neighbours.
The BBQ part was a huge hit, sticky ribs. A real treat. 

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