Cyclones, King Tides and Flooding

Image by Grafton Weather Notice

It’s that time of year again: cyclones, king tides and (flash) flooding.

In the Top End, a category 4 is predicted to make landfall tomorrow. I hope they’ll be safe.
We’ve gone through a category 3, a couple of years ago and have seen the damage that did, let alone a category 4!

On the East Coast a category 3 cyclone, Marcia, is aiming for Gladstone, expected on Friday.
A bit further south along the East Coast another system is pressing down and expected to dump 400mm of rain on the SEQLD and The Northern Rivers (that’s us) in the next couple of days. This might increase, depending on how that other cyclone develops and chooses direction.

Needless to say, it’s going to wet and windy, it’s going to flood.
Before the first drop of rain has fallen, we’re already on Flood Watch. It’s just wait and see, if it’s going to turn into another major flood.

At least there is plenty of warning. Time to get ready.
Our gutters are clean. I’ll be picking up some extra books at the library and some extra supplies to stock up the pantry. Tim’s birthday party has been rescheduled to next week.
Just need to dig an extra storm drain for the garden...


  1. Very much wait and see, hoping for less rain than forecasted. We have family in Sydney, driving home tomorrow....

    1. I don’t think we’ll get the rain that got predicted, thankfully!
      Unless, Marcia comes all the way down here as a low, like two years ago.
      Nothing we can do about it either way.
      Safe travels for your family!


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