One of those days…

I’ve been on the phone most of the morning, with the bank, accountant and tax office. Wading through paperwork. Chasing up more documents, doing the number crunch.
That’s business for me.

In the meantime I’m preparing lunch boxes, making bread, while the kids are having breakfast, the washing and dishwashing machine are hard at work. Prepping dinner, getting a load of cookies in the oven for afternoon tea while sorting out Davids birth certificate over the phone (“How do you mean you lost it!”), printing the paperwork (again) and copying all the required documents. Tim is on the school bus, David fed (again) and asleep (for now). Sophie and Alex are having a teddy bear picnic outside. No swimming today, gives me an extra 30 minutes. More paperwork.  Getting the kids cleaned up, changed and dressed. Looking for shoes and hats, getting ready for playgroup. A big bang, Alex has been climbing onto something (again) and had a buster, comes back crying and dripping blood. Getting together an entertainment pack and we’re off to the hospital instead, prepared for a long wait. Alex gets glued together again (as an alternative to stitches), a late morning tea in the car, a quick stop at the chemist for more bandaids and driving back home again. Afternoon: Lunch to prepare, wash to hang, laundry to sort, kids to change, vacuum, house to tidy, books to read, babies to nurse. Then doing more paperwork while the little kids have an afternoon nap. Homework to supervise, dinner to cook, garden and chooks to tend to, a quilt to finish and going to bed early in anticipation of a two nightly feeds. 
That’s motherhood for me.
I’ve been lucky so far, this was my first trip to the hospital with any of them. With three active kids, it won’t be the last I’m afraid.
Keep wound dry and clean for three days the nurse said. Uhm…Almost…The fancy waterproof band-aid is Alex proof so far…

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