Like a mad cockatoo

Early morning, these fella’s wake you up in no time. They are so noisy!!! 
They’re very sociable, making them extra loud in numbers.
Flying around like drunken sailors, screeching and squawking at the top of their voice at anything and everything.
Very inquisitive and so clever, they are great fun to have around!
They are your local vandals too. Just sitting in a tree breaking of branches and throwing them on the ground, just for the fun of it I would say. Hope to never get them in our fruit trees!
Come to think of it, they remind me of someone…
How I would love to be a cockatoo for a day…


  1. Beautiful captures of the cockatoos! I certainly hope they don;t find your garden and fruit trees. Lovely photo of your very own little cockatoo!

    1. Thanks Karen! I did chase them out of the mulberry tree behind the chooks, new fruit is just starting to come on, no need for pruning!
      Watching Alex today, he even sounds like a cockatoo!


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