Baby Quilt #2

Jeroen & Nienke left us again on Sunday. 
They are expecting their first child end of October, so they got to take their baby quilt home with them. 
There is al those beautiful patterns for quilts, but I very much like to freestyle. 
Going with the fabrics and scraps I’ve got laying around, then making it up as I go. It makes the quilt very unique and personal, and more what quilting started with: reusing all your scraps. Well, there is old pillowcases, old shirts, and lots and lots of scraps from previous projects. There is a bit of all of us in here and lots of love.
even the back of the quilt is colourful, and very soft with the use of flannels.
They’ll be great parents, missing you guys already…


  1. A quilt made with love is always the most special kind.

  2. What a specialquilt - it will be treasured I'm sure! Congratulations on the arrival of your little David, he is just adorable. I love checking in to your blog and reading about your lovely life on that Aussie block of yours! Cheers, Michelle from Norfolk Exposure

  3. Thanks Michelle!
    I love looking at the beautiful pictures on your blog, makes me want to plan a holiday to your pretty island.
    Btw, how did you make the apple cider vinegar?


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