Another month gone (in snapshots)

Having a play by the river on another of those beautiful mild days.
 Picking flowers and baking cookies for the Biggest Morning Tea that we organised at playgroup this year.
The pregnancy hormones are still raging, the kitchen is still going on full (solar) steam.
Family is happily bearing the brunt: French Apple Bread for lunch.
Quilting, the picnic rug has been finished at last, the hand sewing turned out to be a great project to do during kids swimming lessons. Having to sit down by the side for twice half an hour a week saw this one finished in no time at all.
Getting to the 39 week mark, belly is getting big, but I’m feeling very well. Kids love to talk to their little brother, tickle him for a response, or in Alex’ case, blow raspberries!
 Sneak peek on a baby quilt, project #1 finished! I’ve started project #2.
My friend Michelle talked me into a maternity shoot. Tramping around through paddocks, we had a ball. She did an amazing job, (find her here).
Little Sophie
Very much enjoying our kitchen garden, it’s rather wild, but so productive. So far it’s still warm enough to keep on picking capsicums and chillies. How’s that for Winter!!!!
We’ve had the Winter Solstice on Saturday, with everybody down with a cold, it became a bit of a tame event (kids were in bed by six!). We ended up spending the evening sitting by the fire.
 Tim lost his first tooth,
then went straight ahead with setting out a flight path for the tooth fairy…

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