Things that make me happy….

 A loving husband

Rain!!!! Last year we had the wettest Summer and highest flood ever, this year the driest Summer… ever… For months we’ve had thunderstorms rolling in, just teasing us. Last week, at last, they’ve started to bless us with some actual rain. The rainwater tank is starting to fill again and so is my veggie garden. A couple of trees and plants I already gave up on are greening up. And the forecast for the next of the week is promising. It’s great to see our little horsey looking at the greening grass with wonder, then doing an other happy canter through the paddock.
Kids getting back into their tucker. It was the week of the sick, all taking turns being miserable, throwing up and running a temperature. Bit by bit we’re getting back on track and on food. It’s great to have some energy again!

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