And I’m back!
Some days you just keep humming “Tomorrow” from the musical Annie, hoping for better times. Like when you put on your pants in the morning and your whole back cramps up. And just like that you’ve become the most useless person in the house. Walking with support, not able to pick things up from the ground let alone lift up a child, just getting through the day either snarling at everyone or crying from pain and frustration. There is not a lot you can do or take while pregnant I’ve found out. Bugger!
That was a week ago, around the same time the internet went out and our camera refused to load pictures on the computer.
I’m getting a bit more mobile again, got some very smelly washing done, a much needed stop at the markets to feed the hungry masses, a 6L pot of pasta sauce. I’m lucky I’ve got an angel of a husband, and two kids that can help out with some of the household errands.
It’s a good thing Alex can walk…
Internet is on again, we’ve started the war on mice. Not only the telephone line was through, so was the irrigation and what is next?
Camera is still refusing, but Ive found a way around that, so I’m back in business with a backlog of posts here on the blog, all ready to go.

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