Dancing in Moonlight

A Common Brushtail Possum, very cute to look at, but it’s not often we get to see him/her, being fast asleep during the day, only coming out of hiding in when it’s dark and getting quiet. Looking for crumbs.
Mostly we hear it. Having a great time with our sloped roofs, scrambling and jumping over it. Doing the cha-cha in moonlight, climbing drainpipes.
For the last couple of weeks we’ve been hearing it with it’s mate or it’s young, chasing each other and chattering away. Very adorable to listen to in the evening when you’re reading a book and drinking a cuppa. Not so much in the middle of the night…
We blame everything on the possum, a fart or a burp, “wasn’t me, it was the possum”. Pieces of fruit nibbled on, Sophie: ”Possum!”.
The saying of a quiet country life isn’t really true though. It’s very noisy!
Countless frogs croaking away, the crickets making conversation difficult at times, the chattering of fruit bats, getting all excited with new blossoms. The morning choir of rainbow lorikeets, magpies, cockatoos and the butcher bird with it’s very hungry chick. Sleeping in is not really an option…

We’re happy to share these beautiful surroundings, so surprising to find out how many animals we have around the house that live there permanently. And that you get to know them, even name them. There is a very cute (Red-Necked) wallaby that lives at the front, often hides out under the porch on hot days. You can walk right passed it, so used to us by now.
Or these two wallabies mum, a different variety apply called Pretty-Faced Wallabies, with their young that you can always find at the back of the house. Very shy, but so cute.
We’ve been seeing the joeys grow up, taking their first steps outside of the pouch, cavorting around their mums, getting independent.
We still don’t own a television, who needs one anyway?

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