Lazy weekends in a very busy time

We’re going into the last weeks of the school term, the Summer holiday is not far of. It’s a very busy time with many a Xmas party to go and bake for. No complaints, it’s great to catch up with friends over a nice meal, but I do notice the kids are getting tired. And so do I, after all those weeks of Alex waking up about ten times a night, I can do with some serious sleep. 
We’ve closed the milk bar for him during the night, no more comfort feeds just holding him. After a couple of nights of loud disappointment, it seems it’s starting to work. Last night he only woke up twice, he might even sleep through before our next baby arrives in July! 
Yes you read that correctly, I’m pregnant again, a fourth child to complete our family. Next year is going to be very busy!
So, some lazy weekends hanging around in the garden with the birds, or in the hammock spying on roos. It’s just what we need. 
Xmas cards might get written, personal presents might get made for teachers, a special Xmas menu might get thought out, special Xmas craft and baking projects might get done. But if not, the world will keep on turning…


  1. Congratulations Marijke and family! What exciting news! I hope your pregnancy goes smoothly and you start getting a better nights' sleep now, at least until....:) Ida

    1. Hi Ida! Pregnancy is going well, a bit miserable with morning sickness, but that should be gone soon. The strangest thing happened last night. Alex slept all the way to 5:30!!! I’m still a bit dazed…


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