What's happening?

Sanders parents have arrived home safely again. It was a great month together, lots of camping, day trips, family time and major jobs undertaken.
Sander had 3 weeks off, also from shaving...

Bush fires are rampant in our state of NSW, we do hear the occasional water bombing plane and there are a couple of fires burning in our area, but nothing like the inferno they are having in The Blue Mountains, 700 k's away. It's only October, the weather erratic and like many days in the last month, it's going to be a hot day of 36 degrees, extremely windy, again a Total Fire Ban.
If you want to read more: http://www.abc.net.au/news/

After weeks of setbacks, our apartment in The Netherlands has been sold, at last. Hooray!
Only one more week and we'll be over there ourselves, I'll be flying with Sophie and Alex, leaving Tim  with Sander for work and school and some boy time. So I'm busy filling the freezer to capacity and very much hope not to find a microwave in the kitchen on our return...
Sophie will be flower girl in my sisters wedding, and after our last visit more then three years ago, I'll need the three weeks to catch up with our family.

The veggie garden has been planted out, with the lack of rain and a dangerously low rainwater tank, I've decided to plant only 3 out of 7 veggie beds. Those three are filled to the rafters and will be watered regularly, the rest will have to wait under a thick layer of mulch until the rain season arrives, normally around XMas, that is if it comes this year.

Tim is doing great a school, so proud of himself. He is writing letters to everyone, reading books, but most of all having a great time with all his friends.
Sophie will soon be 4, our sweet little girl is getting tall and bossy.
Alex, how I love this little monster of a boy. Cheeky grin wherever he goes, and whatever he gets himself into. And although there was a time that he woke up only once a night for a feed, even slept through... once.... He is back to his two or three feeds a night. And of course he is teething again, we all have the bite marks on bare pieces of skin to prove it, or chewed shoes or books turned into paper-mache. It really puts some questions marks with the idea for a fourth child and a puppy!
But now I better get ready for this hot day ahead, getting the kids at school. And keep Alex out of trouble. Talk to you soon.

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