Witches Kitchen: Fermenting - Pancakes

Weekends always include a batch of pancakes, easily whisked up and always a big hit with the kids.
Flour, eggs, milk, and a little salt. Mix and you're ready to start baking them.

But if you know you'll be baking pancakes the next morning, why not try this:
The evening before mix your flour with a little water and yoghurt/whey/sourdough starter/buttermilk,
stir through and make sure the flour is wet. Put a plate on top of the mixing bowl and leave on the kitchen bench.
The next morning, heat up your frying pan(s), add a little salt, eggs and milk to the mixing bowl and mix until it becomes a smooth pancake batter.
Fry up your pancakes like you would normally do, preferably in a little ghee or coconut oil.
(extra time needed for this soaking option is 30 seconds)

But before you take out the plain flour out of the pantry, do you have any other flours you could use?

I make up an ever changing mixture which might include parts of brown rice flour, buckwheat flour, wholemeal spelt flour, plain flour, wholemeal flour.
The idea is to take a break from all the bakers and rye flour we have during the week in our sourdough bread.
If you whisk these flours up in the morning, the pancakes will be dense and rough. But soaked these will work just as well as plain flour. Other then the slightly acid taste you won't notice the difference.
Just add fruit

and maybe some of that “you’re nuts butter”...

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