The shortest day

21th of June, the shortest day of the year in the land of Down Under.
It's 11:15 am it's raining outside, cold and miserable. I'm starting a wood fire, the coffee machine is warming up, Alex is falling asleep.

The shortest day almost feels like a challenge, I've won, let me explain.
6:00 Alex fed and changed, Tim and Sophie waking up and getting dressed.
7:00 Breakfast, making bread, feeding chooks, gathering documents, spoon feeding Alex
8:00 Lunch boxes ready, school bags packed, kids ready to go.
9:00 Two kids at school, breastfeeding Alex, filling the car with petrol on the way to the post office for passport photo's for Alex
10:00 my friend Deb is signing and witnessing Alex his passport application on the other side of town, pick up chook food and empty postbox.
11:00 back at the post office, Australian passport application is filed, documents send away for his Dutch passport, bought compost and seedlings for garden, on my way home.
11:15 home, breastfeeding Alex

So what's for the afternoon?
Ironing, vacuum cleaning, scrubbing the bathroom, admin, a little yoga, maybe, then picking up the kids, afternoon tea, chooks, garden, cooking, bathing kids and off to bed.
But first,
a cuppa by the fire....

Have a great weekend everyone!

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